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For more than three decades, I have been helping those in need of legal guidance. Over the years, I have developed extensive experience in every area of family law, ranging from divorce to child custody disputes. Regardless of whether you are currently going through a divorce or are considering dissolving your marriage and want to discuss potential options, I can assist you.

During my time in the United States Army Reserve ― a total of 22 years ― I developed the skills of leadership, honesty, commitment and meticulous planning. I would like to put these skills to work for you as your lawyer.

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At the law firm of Matthew I. Cooper, Attorney at Law, we understand that no two family law cases are the same meaning there is always room for creative legal thinking no matter the particular dispute.

We are committed to helping our clients develop the best legal strategy possible, which can only be done by carefully examining every detail of their case. Only then will they have the best chance to achieve their desired goals.

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Welcome to Matthew Cooper Family Law. I believe in doing everything I can to put my clients in the best possible position to achieve their goals. I strive to provide honest and straightforward legal advice ― making sure my clients not only fully understand their legal situation but that they have realistic expectations, as well.

No matter your family law dispute, I understand the importance of remaining focused on your legal goals and avoiding needless aggression between you and your ex-spouse ― particularly when children are involved. At all times, you need to concentrate on doing what is best for both you and your family. Contact us, Matt Cooper Family Law in Bellevue, WA.

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We offer a free 30-minute consultation because we recognize the importance of the initial consultation with an attorney.

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